To build or not to build?

There are benefits to both existing homes and new construction. I personally had a new home built and purchased two existing homes. I found that I prefer the character in older homes from the 1940's era, but my 1941 built home has higher energy bills than a newer home. Realtors can help weigh your options and assist in your decision of what is best for you. The benefits of both existing homes and new construction are numerous.

Benefits of an Existing Home –

Existing homes are typically in established neighborhoods and therefore offer more stability with school districts and laws. The resale value on an existing home is usually more than the resale value on a new home. Existing homes are often more cost effective. New construction homes may have unexpected costs such as backyard sod and there is generally not much room for negotiating allowances.  

Benefits of New Construction –

One of the benefits of a new construction home is new facilities such as spa bathtubs and light fixtures. Standard safety devices such as ground fault interrupters and circuit breakers are also a benefit. Additionally, new homes are more energy-efficient due to the new materials used such as vinyl windows.

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