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Winterize Your Home

How to Winterize Your Home

-Check your roof. Loose shingles or tiles may cause leaks with the snow.

-Clean out your gutters, so snow doesn't collect and possibly pull the gutters off the house.

-Remove and drain water hoses.

-Have your chimney swept each year if you are using it, or use a chimney sweeping log.

First Comes Blogging…

The song has changed from "first comes love, then comes marriage…" to "first comes blogging, then comes podcasting…" so what exactly is podcasting and what comes next? The term podcast has two parts – pod and cast. Pod translates to portable-on-demand and cast is short for broadcast. A podcast is an audio or video file on the internet that can be viewed online or transferred to a portable device for listening/viewing. I'm fortunate to work in an agency that is very tech savvy and is taking advantage of the latest forms of communication, such as blogging and podcasting. What comes next? Widgets according to Real Living Realty. Check out our website to see widgets soon!

Real Living Podcast

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Oakwood Home Sales 10/15/07 – 11/15/07




2518 Shroyer Rd


15 Aberdeen Ave.


427 Lonsdale Ave


830 Acorn Dr


536 Acorn Dr


244 Orchard Dr


332 East Dr


124 Acacia Dr


327 Dellwood Ave


400 Greenmount Blvd


418 Aberdeen Ave


219 E Dixon Ave


117 Hilltop Ave




7 Collingwood Ave


157 Lookout Dr


109 Beverly Pl


Oakwood in the Fall

Oakwood in the Fall

When driving and walking my puppy in the neighborhood that I reside and specialize in (Oakwood), I can’t help but notice all the beautiful shades of trees. Oakwood was a perfect choice of community for my husband and I because it is centrally located to his work at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and my office, in Centerville. Although Summer is my favorite season, I must admit Fall is more picturesque. Today I took my camera on my morning jog and snapped some amazing shots of Oakwood, and I wanted to share the photos. Enjoy!

Here’s the Oakwood welcome sign near the Patterson and Acorn intersection:

Outside the Oakwood Community Center in the Fall

Here’s the brightest red tree I could find:

Bright red tree on Beverly Place in the fall.

Here’s a tree lined boulevard in Oakwood:

A tree lined street in Oakwood, Ohio

Buy or Rent?

There are several benefits to purchasing a home, including: 

  • Purchaser’s are often surprised that a monthly mortgage payment is actually LESS than the monthly rent payment. You may find a loan that is the same, or slightly more than, your monthly rent.
  • Owning a home can save you hundreds (even thousands) of dollars in taxes each year.
  • Unlike renting, buying your own home means steady monthly living expenses. To lock in your mortgage payment, secure a fixed-rate loan.
  • The last, but not least, benefit is having the freedom to make decisions about how you live. As a homeowner, YOU decide whether or not to have a pet; YOU decide whether the walls are red or yellow; and YOU decide whether or not to remodel.

To find a trusted, experienced mortgage professional to determine if you are ready for home ownership – ask a Realtor. 

Christina Asad Edwards, REALTOR
2006 Sales Masters Top Agent mobile or text 937-205-4741 office 937-573-0082
Real Living Realty – #1 in OHIO!
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Help the California Wildfire Victims


The National Association of Realtors donated $500,000 to the REALTORS® Relief Foundation for the victims of the California Wildfires, and they are urging you to do the same.

REALTORS® have a reputation for assisting to rebuild homes and communities when disaster strikes. The REALTORS® Relief Foundation was created to supply to victims of disasters and their families with housing support. The REALTORS® Relief Foundation provided provisions, volunteers, and millions of dollars for victims of several recent emergencies, including the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001, hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, and the South Asia Tsunami in 2004.

Please donate to the REALTORS® Relief Foundation today by visiting the website at


Christina Asad Edwards, REALTOR
2006 & 2007 Sales Masters Top Agent
mobile or text 937-205-4741
Real Living Realty – #1 in OHIO!
Realty, Mortgage, Title, Relocation

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7 Steps to Take Before House Hunting


1. Be familiar with the market. Take note of recent home sales and listing prices.

2. Have the money for a down payment, closing costs, and earnest money. Tax returns and holiday gift money are great sources for a down payment, closing costs, and earnest money.

3. Know how much you can manage to pay for. A good measure is your monthly house payment should be no more than 25% of your gross monthly income.

4. Maintain good credit and make sure your credit report is accurate. A mortgage counselor can help review your credit report with you.

5. DON'T make any major purchases near the time of the home purchase, above all a vehicle.

6. Hire a trusted Realtor and ask for past client testimonials.

7. Get preapproved for a mortgage loan. (And I strongly recommend getting at least two opinions to ensure you're getting the lowest monthly payment and out of pocket expenses).