Furniture Redesign Defined

Sometimes the most successful decorating approach for your home is to juggle around what you already own versus buying more furniture and accessories. This strategy is called “redesign”.

Who can benefit from furniture redesign?

  • Those who want a home design change
  • Those who have great furniture pieces but don’t know how to use them
  • Those who have problem rooms (bad layout, lack of space, etc.)

Just because a room is square-foot challenged doesn’t mean it can’t be your favorite room! To redesign a small space make good furniture choices, use smart lighting, and have lots of bookcases.

  • Newlyweds starting out
  • Second marriages combining different styles of furniture

The trick to combining various types of furniture is first determining the purpose of the room, and then grouping the pieces accordingly. Is the room’s purpose dining, sleeping, working, or relaxing? Whatever the purpose, the furniture should be placed at least 3 feet apart to allow for adequate traffic flow.

  • Those downsizing and needing to remove furniture

Downsizing isn’t just for empty nesters and retirees. With home prices rising and layoffs many homeowners must make do with less space. For those relocating to areas with booming real estate markets, downsizing might not be a choice, it may be the only option. The disadvantages of downsizing are obvious: you have to get rid of a couple of rooms’ worth of furniture to get everything to fit. So, as soon as you’ve made a final decision on where you’re going, carefully measure every room. Once you have the measurements in hand, buy a pad of graph paper and a bunch of pencils. Carefully decide which pieces of furniture will go in each room.

  • Homeowners preparing property for sale

Selling a home always requires some work, but there are ways you can lessen the amount of time the house is on the market and increase the home’s selling price. The process is called home staging, and you can do most of it yourself. It just takes time and a little elbow grease. Staging your home doesn’t have to be expensive.

  • Those who need to work furniture to allow for handicap accessibility  
  • Those wanting their home to look phenomenal for a get together
  • Those moving to a new home with older furniture
  • Those who tend to accumulate clutter everywhere and need assistance

Clutter can come in many forms, including excess furniture, so if you don’t use a particular piece of furniture on a regular basis, get rid of it! Big items such as furniture aren’t the only culprits when it comes to clutter. The rule-of-thumb is if you haven’t used something in a year, pitch it. And while big items take up lots of space, odds and ends also hog space. Garage sales, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army are a great way to get rid of excess clutter.

  • Those who don’t know how to show collectibles

Furniture redesign solves all these decorating problems and MORE! Furniture design can be effective in your indoor AND outdoor living spaces. Simply adding chair cushions to your outdoor furniture can change the whole look of a patio!

For more information on furniture redesign, please contact Christina today.

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