How Do You Handle Your Business Finances?

We don’t have steady salaries as Realtors. In fact, our salaries are SO unsteady that we went from 3,000 Realtors in the Dayton, Ohio area to 2,500 Realtors this year. So how do you manage your business expenses?

  • Track your expenses. Keep a detailed log of everything you spend for a month or so to see where your money goes. Quickbooks is an excellent tool to help you keep track.

  • Anticipate your income and work backwards. If you want to make $50,000 this year based on what you think you need to live on, then figure out how many closings you need to achieve that income. Create a business plan!
  • Find creative ways to save money.  I only put a full tank of gas in when it is priced $3.88 or under! I also try to group all my appointments in the same area on the same day.

  • Spend more to last longer. Especially when it comes to buying technology, the cheapest thing may not be the best in the long run. If you spend a little more and it lasts longer, it may save you money over the long term.
  • Take advantage of discounts. The National Association of REALTORs®, your state, and local board provide discounts of all things real estate related! Lowes even provides real estate professionals discounts at


Christina Asad Edwards, REALTOR
2006 & 2007 Sales Masters Top Agent
mobile or text 937-205-4741 office 937-573-0082  
Real Living Realty – #1 in OHIO!
Realty, Mortgage, Title, Relocation


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