Live Green this Summer

Summer is a great time to take a much needed vacation. Warm weather and additional free time make it the perfect season to hold backyard BBQs, attend ballgames or venture on that dream vacation. Taking a break from the daily grind can recharge your internal batteries, but one thing you should never take a vacation from is an eco-conscious mindset. Here are some tips to make your summer look and feel its greenest.

Keep it Cool
It’s unavoidable. That sweltering summer sizzle makes air conditioning a must, but be sensitive to overuse. By turning up the thermostat just a few degrees, you can save yourself a lot of money while being environmentally conscious at the same time.

Green your grill.
Try propane instead of charcoal or wood briquettes because it produces a much cleaner burning option. If your inner grill master yearns for that signature taste, consider a natural product like those produced by Cowboy Charcoal. When you’re finished with your grill, use natural cleaning products to avoid chemical residue. Tests show that they are just as tough on grime as traditional cleaners.

It’s party time.
When possible, use real plates. If the situation requires disposables, utilize eco-friendly options. Many grocery stores offer paper plates that are made from recycled materials. Plastic straws can take hundreds of years to biodegrade. Instead, give Twizzler straws a try. They are especially good for children’s birthday parties because the kids can eat the straws after finishing their drinks.

Avoid bug bites.
Traditional products work well at repelling mosquitoes, but they also may poison welcomed guests such as birds or butterflies. Even your family dog could be subject to an unhealthy dose of chemicals. Products, such as garlic barrier provide an effective and environmentally friendly alternative. Also consider planting rosemary as a natural solution for keeping bugs away.

For more tips on how to enjoy an eco-friendly summer, contact me today!

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