Ohio Home Buyer FAQ

“A couple of questions here. I live in New Carlisle, Ohio and my husband and I have found a piece of property to build a home on. How do I know what a good price per acre is. The owner wants us to make him and offer. Also I need to sell my home first before we can proceed. Our market is really bad and I would like some advice on what I can do to make sure I get the right price for my home and sell it quickly. We have a completely redone 4 bedroom ranch home (not yet listed) in a great location in town. Not sure if the price we are thinking of listing for is fair for our market.” – Janet


You do not need a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). You need a HPA (Highest Price Analysis) which is a combination of a CMA and a Trends Analysis. It is more in depth than a CMA and ensures that you will receive the highest possible price for your home in a short amount of time. Please feel free to contact me at anytime for more information.

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