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New Kettering Ohio Barbecue Restaurant

New Kettering Ohio Barbecue Restaurant

Get out of the house for dinner tonight and head to OinkADoodleMoo barbecue restaurant, which opened its third location this month at 3910 Far Hills Avenue in Kettering, Ohio located just 15 minutes south of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. OinkADoodleMoo specializes in championship style BBQ, slow-smoked, in-house over an applewood fire. In addition to its BBQ menu that includes pulled pork, ribs, chicken and beef brisket, the new Kettering restaurant serves JD’s Old Fashioned Frozen Custard products, including frozen custard pies. OinkADoodleMoo’s hours are from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and closed Sunday. Congrats to Mark Peebles, OinkADoodleMoo’s president and founder! For more information, call (937) 985-9346.

NO COST Effective Staging Tips

Transform the house into looking like a model home, selling it for more money in a quicker amount of time with NO COST effective staging tips!

Via Barbara Altieri Connecticut Real Estate (RealtyQuest):

NO COST Effective Staging Tips     

Whenever I take a listing, I will go through the house and make a list of suggested tips that will improve the appearance of the property and make it more appealing to the buyer.Staging House

Even though selling a home can be an emotional time, I always tell the sellers that they are selling their HOUSE, not their HOME. De-personalization is very important

Here are some NO COST staging tips to do before listing that will cost nothing and help to make a good impression on the buyer.

  • De-Clutter – goes without saying.  Get rid of ‘stuff’. There should be no piles of ‘things’ anywhere, except neatly stored in boxes in the basement, attic, or garage or maybe even an offsite storage unit.
  • Personal photos – I just showed buyers a house and they were so hung up on the cute baby photos on the refrigerator, they became very distracted.  Remove family pics, certificates and diplomas so the buyer can envision how he will want to decorate the walls and table tops.
  • Remove some of the furniture and possibly rearrange to make each room feel more spacious.  The buyer needs to see the space, not the seller’s possessions.  If there is too much furniture, remove a few pieces.
  • If there are children in the house, clean up the toys. The buyer may not have children and since toys can take up considerable space, having too many around the house will again add to a cluttered look. 
  • window cleaning stagingClean off the refrigerator! – No magnets, pictures, notes etc.  
  • Clean mirrors, fixtures and taps.
  • Clean off the kitchen counters.  Leave only a very few items.  Counters and appliances should be squeaky clean.
  • Clean up the sink – Never have dirty dishes around for a showing.  All sinks should be clean.  Clean the oven interior.
  • If there is a curio or collection cabinet, it’s time to pack up the contents.  Buyers may be turned off by your collection of dolls or cups and saucers or again be distracted and draw their focus away from the house.
  • Clean out and straighten up the kitchen cabinet interiors and the closets. Yes, buyers will look into them.
  • Wash ALL windows, inside and out.  Make them sparkle. 
  • Replace burned out light bulbs. Add a higher wattage to make the house brighter for showings.  (everyone usually has extras on hand)
  • Touch up scuffed walls
  • Keep floors cleaned and garbage emptied. 
  • Pets should be absent, or at the very least securely crated, during showings.  Litter box should be invisible.
  •  Trim overgrown shrubbery
  •  Seasonally, keep grass mowed and trimmed or snow removed.

There are many more tips, but these are all no cost.  Start here and then move on to neutral painting, if needed, repainting the front door, replacing the doorbell, repairing torn screens, repairing leaky taps and toilets, etc.

What tip comes through again and again?  CLEAN, clean and clean again

Follow these simple no cost tips and get the listing prepared to SELL!

Barbara Altieri, REALTOR
Listing and Buyer’s Agent
Certified Short Sales Specialist
RealtyQuest Real Estate Sales and Services
203.656.4993 x29
SheltonBuzz – Facebook Community Page


Buying A Short Sale – 12 Steps you MUST know…

Buyers have a GREAT opportunity to buy homes well below market value when shopping short sales. A short sale may be defined as the sale of a home at a price less than the existing mortgage balance, but there are 12 steps you MUST know when buying a short sale…

Via Gwenn Tanvas – Wisconsin Mortgage Expert – FHA Loans – VA Loans – USDA Rural – (Local Mortgage Expert! ):

As banks continue to foreclose on homes in Wisconsin, buyers are sure to come across some amazing garage-sale priced homes; but buyers have opportunities to buy homes through a “short sale” before a home goes into foreclosure.

What is a “short sale?” A short sale may be defined as the sale of a home at a price less than the existing mortgage balance; however the ultimate price of a short sale lies in the willingness of the bank to negotiate terms. A Short Sale is a complicated process; and quite a rare occurrence until now.  Without a doubt, short sales transactions are becoming common and will continue to be prevalent over the course of the next year.

It is good advice to consider hiring professional help when you are looking to buy a home.  Look for atips on buying a short sale property Realtor who specializes in distressed properties and specifically certified in the short sale process. A short sale transaction is a specialty field, so you choice of representation should be carefully considered. Be aware of the numerous legal loop holes that can cause the average person could be taken advantage of.

It is very important to realize that the majority of lawyers and real estate agents have little experience with these transactions. In order to be successful, you need to be selective in choosing the professional who will assist you in the process. Keep in mind; the most important consideration is by NOT seeking the expertise of a specialists and going it alone (if not fluent in dealing with pre-foreclosures and bank procedures), you will significantly increase your chance of failure at the bank.

The following 12 steps are a guide, but please consider seeking out the help of a professional who specializes in Foreclosures and Short Sales:

1.  Locate homes which are in default, as early as possible, even possibly before the formal non-judicial foreclosure begins.

2.  Search foreclosed homes with plenty of lead time before the Trustee’s Sale (you may need weeks or months of lead time.)

3.  Once you have created a list of such homes, narrow that list to only those homes you would likely purchase for yourself.

4.  Complete an accurate Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) using sold homes with similar features, via a good database such as the local MLS.

5.  Determine the exact mortgage balance and status of default or foreclosure.

6.  Research to find out if there is a second or third mortgage on the house.

7.  Research the possibility of other liens (tax liens, mechanic’s liens, labor liens, state liens, etc.)

8.  Determine how best to talk and negotiate with the loss mitigation department of the bank or mortgage holder (email, fax, phone, etc)

9.  Determine whether or not purchasing via the short sale will negate any subordinate loans or liens (another trap for the unwary.)

10. Know which costs and fees in addition to the mortgage balance can be compromised and by how much (experience is the best teacher.)

11. Prepare a comprehensive package to present to the mortgage holder, which is the most critical step in closing a short sale. This should include the Purchase & Sale Agreement, and a thorough analysis of the home, prices, the local market, and justification of your offering price. Your offer must be prepared very professionally or the bank will merely overlook you, without giving your offer a second look. You have to be able to make a case to the bank, as to why they should sell to you at this price.

12. In order to close on a deal in a short sale, you must follow through with all parties involved.

The complexity and difficulty of closing short sales should never be underestimated, even under the best of circumstances. It is hard to find a buyer of foreclosure properties through the short sale process, despite what con artists would like you to believe. You should have some experience before purchasing foreclosure properties; The reckless need to be aware of entrapment.

Buying a foreclosure may be a fast way to lose money if in the process you make major mistakes. On the other hand, because the purchase price is below the current market value of the home, it can be a great way to pick up equity immediately the day of closing. Many people have also come to a dead end with this process after months of frustration.

There are many great people who specialize in the Foreclosure and Short Sale properties. Just please, please do your homework before going it alone. If you are thinking of doing this, please contact me and I will be more than happy to put you in contact with one of my preferred Real Estate Agents that specialize in short sales.

I hope you have found this information helpful, as that is my goal. In closing, if you need help putting together a plan for financing and/or would like to review the various options available to, please feel free to either give me a call, or shoot me an email. I provide this to you as a service and there is never an obligation….. The Sun is shinning . . . Make it a great day….!

Gwenn Tanvas is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialists who specializes in working with First-Time Home Buyers and Government Programs such as FHA, State and Federal VA and USDA Rural Housing Loans. Visit her website for more information, on-line calculators and a secure on-line application. She is able to assist with transaction throughout the state of Wisconsin. Her offices are located in Appleton, Oshkosh and Green Bay and offers the convenience of one-stop shopping. or she can also be reached for comment or to answer questions via email at

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Ohio September Market Report

Now is the time to buy! The September Market Report in Ohio for single family, residential homes in Montgomery, Greene, and Warren counties in and around Wright Patterson Air Force Base shows minimal changes. The average days on market in September 2010 was 91, which is 14 days slower than the Real Living Realty average days on market (77 days). The price per square foot dropped in September 2010 from $71/square foot in August 2010 to $69/square foot in September 2010. See the perfect home? Buy it, don’t delay because it will probably be gone tomorrow with the record low interest rates!


  • Homes Sold – 644
  • Average Bedrooms – 3
  • Average Square Footage – 1,890
  • Average Listing Price – $140,100 
  • Average Selling Price – $134,023 ($71/square foot average)
  • Average Days on Market – 91 
  • Homes Sold Price Range $2,000 (Lower Dayton View) – $680,000 (Kettering-W of 48)


  • Homes Sold – 587
  • Average Bedrooms – 3
  • Average Square Footage – 1,794
  • Average Listing Price – $130,679 
  • Average Selling Price – $123,682 ($69/square foot average)
  • Average Days on Market – 91 
  • Homes Sold Price Range $3,500 (Upper Riverdale) – $700,000 (Englewood-Clayton)

Top Five Eco-Friendly Design Tips

Be environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, nature friendly, and green with the following home design tips because going green starts at home. The word “eco” traces back to the Greek word “oikos”, meaning ‘house’.

Via Barbara Heil-Sonneck – Home Staging Atlanta (Design2Sell – We Stage Atlanta ):

With the constant rise in population, it is important to not only create a room that is aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally friendly. Going green does not have to be a daunting task. With these five easy green design tips you will know what to look for when shopping for echo-friendly products.

Tip 1: Replace fluorescent light bulbs with LED bulbs

Not only do you save energy, but you also save electricity! LED bulbs require significantly less energy to light up a room than fluorescent lighting.  Reducing the amount of energy used can also help reduce the electric bill. So remember LED Not Fluorescent!  

Tip 2: Look for the green label

When purchasing appliances, it is important to look for the ones with a green label indicated that it is a green product. Using green appliances also has a two-fold advantage. Green appliances not only save energy, but they also help save money. So reduce your electric bill and start become friendly with the environment by looking for the green label!

Tip 3: Use Green paint

Regular paint contains many harmful toxins that are dangerous to the environment. Instead, simply look for paints labeled biodegradable. So remember, green paint!

Tip 4: Incorporate Bamboo

Bamboo has become a popular choice in interior design. It is naturally biodegradable and looks great as well. Instead of using regular wood flooring, try using bamboo flooring. So remember, Bamboo is a great way to be trendy and environmentally friendly!

Tip 5: Make recyclables a priority

Purchase items that have been recycled and remade. Companies take existing pieces of products and furniture and reuse them to create great new pieces. So remember recycled items are new found treasures!

Is doesn’t take much to make a positive contribution to the environment. Look for the labels and read up on more environmentally friendly tips. Small steps make a big difference. So start making your house an environmentally friendly home today. You will found that it’s much easier than you thought.


Design2Sell offers Home Staging & Design Services in the Metro Atlanta area.

Barbara Heil-Sonneck has been featured in several publications. The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Home Improvement Magazine, Radio Shows and has just been selected to be one of 8 Designers showcasing their work at the 2010 Atlanta Homeshow…

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Kettering Ohio Home Sale Statistics

Statistics show that 401 homes sold in Kettering, Ohio in the past 6 months. Kettering is bordered by Dayton and Oakwood to the north; West Carrollton and Moraine to the west; Centerville and Washington Township to the south; and Beavercreek to the east, near Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Of the 401 home sales in Kettering, the average home sold had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,648 square feet, was listed at $132,573, sold for $127,127 (average price per square foot was $77), and was on the market for 78 days. Homes sell much quicker in Kettering, Ohio than the average Dayton, Ohio area sales.

Oakwood Ohio Home Sale Statistics

Oakwood Ohio Home Sale Statistics

Statistics show that 90 homes sold in Oakwood, Ohio in the past 6 months. Oakwood is located centrally between Wright Patterson Air Force Base near Beavercreek and Centerville, Ohio. Of the 90 home sales, the average home sold had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2,147 square feet, was listed at $242,763, sold for $232,785 (average price per square foot was $108), and was on the market for 88 days. Homes sell quicker in Oakwood, Ohio and for almost $100,000 more than the average Dayton, Ohio area sales.