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14 Home Buyer Tips and Tricks

14 Home Buyer Tips and Tricks

Use the following home buyer tips and tricks to make a move.

  1. Choose a buyer’s agent that is knowledgeable.
  2. Get pre-approved for a mortgage and get at least 2 opinions from 2 different home loan consultants within 2 weeks so it doesn’t lower credit score.
  3. Make a list of home wants versus needs and use the list to choose homes for sale to tour.
  4. Make an offer after reviewing the home’s last sales date and price and the recent similar sized home sales prices within a half mile.
  5. Negotiate and make counteroffers.
  6. Deposit earnest money.
  7. Order insurance, title work, and appraisal.
  8. Follow lender requirements.
  9. Review seller disclosures.
  10. Complete home inspection.
  11. Request repairs to be completed with a licensed contractor or that the seller provide money to complete repairs at closing.
  12. Do final walk through to ensure the home is in the same condition as when it was last seen (movers didn’t tear carpeting, scratch walls, etc) and all appliances and items agreed upon in the contract to stay with the property are present.
  13. Sign escrow and closing documents.
  14. Breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the home!