About Oakwood Ohio – History, Housing, and More!

About Oakwood Ohio – History, Housing, and More! http://tinyurl.com/OakwoodRealEstate

A brief history, housing information, and more details…

Oakwood, Ohio has a lush, mature tree filled landscape which was formed by glaciers originally. When the glaciers left the far hills, rich soil was left behind and became primarily farm land (Peach Orchard Road once was lined with peaches). Oakwood, as it was commonly called in 1850, sits on a hill south of Dayton, Ohio. In 1913, when a flood devastated Dayton, ads termed Oakwood as “275 feet higher than downtown Dayton.”

With the real estate benefit and the location next to Dayton, Oakwood‘s growth began and by 1930, the village population numbered over 6,000. Oakwood incorporated as a City in 1908.

One of the city’s early residents was Orville Wright, whose home is now a museum. John Patterson, founder of the National Cash Register Co. (NCR) also called Oakwood home and assisted in planning the design of the city. Dayton area community leaders chose to reside in the community and established a tradition of quality in housing and services.

Today, city services include back door trash and recycling collection and snow removal on public sidewalks. Public tennis courts, gardens, and parks (including a dog park) are enjoyed by residents as well.

Most Oakwood housing is available in the $95,000 to $275,000 range. Estate homes can range over $850,000 in cost. Oakwood residents are actively encouraged to maintain their surroundings. See Oakwood, Ohio homes for sale at http://tinyurl.com/OakwoodRealEstate

For more information, contact Christina Asad Edwards, an Oakwood resident and Oakwood business owner of Home Experts Realty, Christina Asad Edwards & Associates, located at 2521 Far Hills Avenue, in the Shops of Oakwood, Ohio 45419 by mail, calling or text messaging 937-205-4741, emailing DaytonOhioHouse@gmail.com , or by filling out an online contact form at http://casad.homeexpertsrealty.net/contact.php .

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