Spring Home Maintenance

With spring on its way, March is a good time to consider preparing an air conditioner or cooling unit for the hot days ahead. A few tips include:

  • Always turn off the power before working on any appliance. This can be done by flipping a disconnect switch on the air conditioner, or by turning off power at the circuit breaker.
  • Clean the outdoor condenser coil by vacuuming the fins carefully.
  • Clean or replace the filter indoors.
  • Check the condensation drain for sludge or algae growth and clean if necessary. Make sure the drain port isn’t blocked.
  • Turn off the humidifier if present.
  • Open the blower compartment and vacuum up any dust that has accumulated.
  • Reconnect the power.

Anyone unsure of their ability to do any of the above repairs can call a licensed professional. Regular, annual maintenance can help prevent problems later.

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